Wine isn’t the only thing in dundee found in bottles.


Owners, Marvin & Jane Mandel.

In 1887, the Mandel Family immigrated to Sherwood, Oregon from Bremen, Germany and made their homestead on 22 acres of land.

During the prohibition days, they constructed a hop dryer down in the swale of their property- it was hidden from view, so the family brewed beer as well as other various prohibited beverages. In the late 1920’s the hop dryer was deconstructed, and the wood was used to help build their barn.

The barn was used for dairy cows as well as storing farm equipment and hay that was needed. In 1954 the Mandels moved their cows down the street, but the barn continued to be used for hay and equipment storage.

The Mandel’s added their fourth generation grandchildren in 1993. Filled with new life the barn was used for parties, games and sleepovers. Located right off Elwert Rd, it also became an iconic location for photographers in the area.

As the modern world grew and developed the need for small local farmers dwindled. By 2007 the Mandel family began retiring from their farm life, but Marvin Mandel was determined to keep his heritage. He followed his grandparents footsteps and returned to home brewing beer for family and friends.

In 2017, with heavy hearts, the Mandel family sold their property and deconstructed the barn that once held so much life. Full of pride for his history and hope of redemption, Marvin Mandel became the head brewer for Deception Brewing in 2018, and found this venture both fulfilling and redemptive. It all came full circle.

Deception Brewing became a family affair, and before we knew it, the whole family was pitching in to help. From the brewing process, to pouring in the tap room, designing merchandise, managing staff, etc. each one of us have played a part in What felt like just a business, became an extension of our home, and we wanted to make it a space where we could share our story and our craft with our community. So with that… we proudly present to you, Barn Door Brewing.



Apricot Cream Ale - This beer won best beer of the Oregon Brews & BBQs Festival in 2014! Even if you are not a fan of fruit beers you might want to give this ale a chance, you may be pleasantly surprised. We use 2 Row Malt as our base, add in flaked corn and Crystal 20 Malt to make our Apricot Cream Ale smooth and refreshing with just a perfect hint of apricots. Despite the name, there are no dairy products in this beer. Hops = Mt Hood and Willamette

ABV = 4.6% IBU = 19 SRM = 4.3 (Pale)
Bitterness Ratio = .46 (.5 is balanced, <.5 is sweet, >.5 is bitter

GUEST TAP: Starway Stout (Barrel Mountain Brewing) - ABV = 6.6% IBU = 35

Muddy Creek Porter - We start this robust porter with a premium two row malt (Sweet, clean and smooth) supported with Munich malt (Sweet, intensely malty and nutty) and highlighted with Wheat Malt (Sweet, malty, bread and soft), Chocolate Malt (Rich roasted coffee and cocoa), Crystal 75 Malt (Complex strong caramel and dark-toffee flavors with lingering sweetness), Carapils Malt, Black Malt (Dry roasted sharp to neutral) and Oat Flakes (Smoothness).  We finish it off with Centennial (Citrus, Floral) and Willamette (Fruity, Herbal, Spicy, Floral) hops.

ABV = 6.3% IBU = 30 SRM = 33.9 (Very Dark)
Bitterness Ratio = .46 (.5 is balanced, <.5 is sweet, >.5 is bitter)

Marvin the Märzen Festbier - A family favorite: In Germany, traditionally the Märzen is an Oktoberfest that is brewed in March, and stored in cellars til October. It’s a festival style drinking beer - meant to be enjoyed on a fall night with friends. Full body, malty flavor, with a clean dry finish.

ABV = 6% IBU = 23

Squeeze the Lemon IPA - This is a light, refreshing , and easy drinking IPA, making this an excellent summer beer.    This is the first original from the head brewer since he arrived in November.  We start with a base male of Two Row Malt (Sweet, clean, smooth), supported with Baird Maris Otter Pale Malt (fullness, earthy and nutty) and Carapils Malt.  We top this off with Lemon Drop hops (lemony, floral, earthy, herbal, grassy, citrus, pepper and pine notes) and Crystal hop (woodsy, green, floral, and fruity with herb and spice notes of cinnamon, nutmeg and black pepper).

ABV = 5.1% IBU = 22 SRM = 3.5 (Straw)
Bitternes Ratio = .49 (.5 is balanced, <.5 is sweet, >.5 is bitter)

Hey Mõn Rum Barrel Aged Ale - We call this a blended ale because it's exactly that. A beautiful blend of two rum barrel aged ales, one aged for a single year, and the other for two years. When it's all said and done, we mix it with our Muddy Creek Porter to finish er' off. If you've had our porter, and/or you you like rum you've gotta check this one out!

ABV = 7% IBU = 40 SRM = 35

Slow Heat Habanero Pale Ale - We start this beer with a base of Maris Otter Pale Malt(fullness, earthy nutty taste), highlighting it with Carapils and Crystal 40 (Soft sweetness, malty with robust caramel flavor).  This slightly malty pale ale has a touch of caramel.  We finish the brew with Citra and Simcoe hops, offering a refreshing citrus nose and crisp hoppy finish.   We finish it off with Habanero and Pablano peppers, giving it a distinct fragrance and a slow heat. Hops = Citra and Simcoe

ABV = 5.5% IBU = 37 SRM = 6.5 (Light Amber
Bitterness Ratio = .67 (.5 is balanced, <.5 is sweet, >.5 is bitter)

Station 3 Imperial Red Ale - The Imperial Red Ale was first brewed for the grand opening of the Dundee Fire & Rescue Station 3 in the summer of 2014 and it is an honor for us to brew.  We start with a base of Maris Otter Pale Malt (Fullness, earthy nutty taste), supported by Rye Malt (red color and rye taste) and highlighted with Victory Malt (clean toasty, biscuity, nutty, baking bread flavor).  We top this brew off with Centennial hops (Citrus, Floral), and Willamette hops (Fruity Herbal, Spicy, Floral).

ABV = 7.9% IBU = 59 SRM = 11.6 (Medium Amber)
Bitterness Ratio = .84 (.5 is balanced, <.5 is sweet, >.5 is bitter)

80 Shilling Scottish Ale - A well balanced Scottish Ale that is deep amber in color and bold enough that if it were brewed in Old Scotland they would tax us 80 Shilling. This one may convince you to take up wearing a kilt and playing bagpipes.  We start with a base of Maris Otter Pale Malt (Fullness, earthy nutty taste), supported with Munich Malt (Sweet, intensely malty and nutty taste), highlighted by Crystal 40 (Sweet malty caramel accents), Roasted Barley (adds red to brown coloring with grainy coffee accents),  Chocolate Malt (adds red to brown coloring with nutty accents), and Honey Malt (intensely sweet malty accents).  We top it off with Goldings hops (Floral, aromatic, earthy, slightly sweet spicy flavor).

ABV = 4.6% IBU = 23 SRM = 12.6 (Medium Amber)
Bitterness Ratio = .51 (.5 is balanced, <.5 is sweet, >.5 is bitter)

Belgian Blonde - This brew has a pilsner base malt from Czech, highlighted with Munich Malt (Sweet, intensely malty and nutty taste), Victory Malt (clean toasty, biscuity, nutty, baking bread flavor) and Melanoidin Malt (Sweet, malty, caramel, biscuit and earthy flavor).    The highlight malts give us a clean and sweet malty, and nutty taste.   We top this off with Stryian Goldings hops (Earthy with hints of white pepper), and Mt Hood hops (sweet and floral).  

ABV = 5.1% IBU = 36 SRM = 7.3 (Light Amber)

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